Land Paddle Pole SK8 POLE Retractable and light

$ 60.00

Brand East Coast Customs

The Mechanics of Our Sk8Pole Longboard Land Paddle

SK8pole longboard land paddle was designed with the user experience being the primary focus. Our land paddling engineers knew that the current longboard land paddles available needed to be improved. We applied the laws of nature and designed the best, most affordable longboard land paddle on the market!

Our longboard pole truly mimics the feel of the water version of the sport. Think about it–you don’t push “down” on a water paddle; you pull it and push it with a horizontal force. Unlike other longboard land paddles, the SK8pole’s tip allows you to do the same. Your focus is on working out your chest, abs, and back by pushing and pulling–not killing your shoulders because you have to push down so hard to keep it from slipping!

Sk8pole land paddle mechanics Longboard pole land paddle longboard pole land paddle mechanics Sk8pole's Longboard Pole Land Paddle Design

Consider the mechanics involved with the motion of a foot. No design is better than mother nature! This is why the SK8pole outperforms all the other longboard poles and land paddles. Like a foot, it doesn’t require advanced thought of how it should be placed on the ground–it adjusts to the placement by the user. Furthermore, the surface area is much greater than other longboard poles’. This allows for the user to exert less downward force per stroke. It’s the ultimate ease of use and truly has a similar feel as paddles used in the water version of the sport.

“New land paddlers will love it because there is no learning curve. Just plant it and go!”