Surf N Snow Back hill Bindless Snowboards

$ 150.00 $ 99.99

Brand East Coast Customs

As the weather changes, we all want something to go to to get our "Board" on. Now a  days, snowboarding equipment isn't cheap, and with that in mind, last winter we wanted something to have some fun with, and not have to worry about beating it up. Thats when we started putting together the Back Yard Surfer Snowboards. Simple in design, "Old School" we laminated 5 plys of hard Maple and put a Polypropylene bottom on them, which makes these glide, and your ready to go! The bottom can be waxed or not your choice. We added 2 pads for a non slip traction and a handle so you can hold on and help steer and in powder get the nose up and above the snow. Perfect for kids, first time riders and experts alike, The Back Yard Surfer is ready to shred in the backyard peelers or the big mountain barrels !!!


48" x12" Taper to tail  

Clear OIL Based Finish (3 Coats to lock out water)

Slight rocker // To help raise the nose in powder

ISOSPORT 4400 PERFORMANCE Base (Can be waxed or not) Low Maintenance

Traction Pads Non Slip

Rope and Birch Handle


Stand Or Sit