The Share The Stoke Foundation, Inc. is a charitable organization based in South Florida and is dedicated to donating surfboards to kids and teenagers in need in an effort to keep them off the street and in the water. Around the world, coastal towns are filled with kids who yearn for the possibility to stand on a board in the water but simply do not have the resources to make that happen. The Share The Stoke Foundation is committed to creating new possibilities for kids and teenagers globally to support them in having their dreams of surfing come true.

Share The Stoke Foundation got started when the founder, Kelly Kingston, had an old, used surfboard she was trying to sell on Craigslist. It was not selling so she decided that because it was the holiday season she would list it as “free” to a kid who sent her an email telling her why they thought they deserved it. Kelly was bombarded with emails.

The foundation grew from there. In the first year Kelly purchased three more boards to give away. The second year was much bigger giving away 20 boards and stoking out a bunch of kids. The vision grew from here and in year three Kelly applied for a formal 501c3 non-profit status. In February 2011 501c3 status was granted.

East Coast Customs was introduced by one of our Test Pilots, Logan Shayne Kamen. It all started when he saw a post on Instagram for STSF. The group was heading to Peru and was asking folks to donate used wetsuits so the kids there could stay in the water long enough to take their skills to the next level. Logan, a super inspiration from, went door to door in surf shops around NJ and collected hundreds of wetsuits. Since then, he has been highly active in STSF and has recently taken a trip with them to Peru where he was able to meet the kids he stoked out with suits.

ECC wanted to step up and support Logan and  STSF. With the collaboration between ECC and Loagn Kamen, we put together a special board called the 28" Park Board. Logan's idea of a fun little park board that anyone could have a good time on. Something, small and nibble for a skate park, but sweet enough to cruise around town. And the 28" Park Board was born. Logan also designed the logo as well. With every sale of STSF boards we are donating a large percentage to the Foundation, to help keep the stoke going. 

Thanks for checking us out, and get STOKED!! Boards are under "Cruiser and Pintails"!  Also Grab a few stickers for the car!!! Under Stickers!!!!