The biggest enemies to any wood deck is heat and moisture. As the humidity in the air changes, your deck is affected. When the humidity increases (wet air) your deck will absorb the moisture in the air and swell, and as the humidity drops, your board will shrink. Heat ca also dry out your deck and cause it to shrink. The shrinkage generally small, but can be enough to cause your trucks hardware to loosen. Extreme and/or repeated changes in humidity and heat can cause cracking in the surface of the board. Usually only limited to the face veneers, these surface cracks usually don't affect the performance of the board. The best way to avoid this is to store  your board, indoors and away from any heat source. Leaving your board in your car on hot summer days can cause damage to your board, which are not covered under our return policy.

To clean your deck, you can wipe it down with a mild soap and wet towel, no abrasive cleaners, and throughly dry.


East Coast Customs will warranty every new board purchase for 30 days from date on receipt. Full replacement of deck (only) from any workmanship including delamination,separation etc. Owner must have receipt with date, NO EXCEPTIONS. The owner will then ship the board back to ECC at your expense, and we will determine the validity of the claim. At out discretion we will repair, fix, or exchange for new the board you bought. 

ECC accepts exchanges in the first 7 days from date on receipt. Boards must be in "new " condition still and not ridden. We will exchange upon receiving board in the mail. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the exchanger.

ECC does not warranty any hardware that comes on our completes such as trucks,wheels,bearings,bolts and nuts,grip tape. If any problems occur with any of these please email us and we will help get you to the company at fault.