Growing up on the Jersey Shore, I got to be spoiled at a young age with the "good" things in life.... surfing, skateboarding, and making the best memories to date.

As a kid, hanging with a group of friends in Manasquan NJ, skating anything we could find. The Ditch, our hand built half pipe in a friend’s yard, Valley Park doing drop offs.... All the way from The Bones Brigade to eventually down hilling in the hills in Brielle NJ. With that I found a passion for the magical "Feel" of carving tight turns, and a need for speed. If you ride longboards, you know what I am talking about.

We started with a friend's father's cabinet shop tracing snowboards on cabinet wood. With a old set of Gullwing trucks and Krytonic's c-65, we tackled some of the biggest and scariest hills around. From there I wanted to build something more unique, stronger, more stable, and beautiful. Something that you could ride and be proud of. The envy of all. But it had to be right. I wanted that feel as when you drop into a head high wave and make that magical bottom turn... It's that feel we strive to re-create.

With a bank roll of $300 and a make shift garage setup, I decided to throw my gloves into the ring and give it shot. With no knowledge of design or working with wood, through trial and error, I clawed my way through and learned the ropes. I designed all our presses, benches and other pertinent tools we use, through this crazy transition. 

And with that in mind, East Coast Customs was born.

All our boards are made from real 100% exotic wood. We create and design each top sheet with REAL exotic wood that is designed to be sanded down and re finished over time. Like some of our competitors, which use paper thin decorative veneer and call it real wood!. The top sheets are a working piece of the board by adding to the flex and feel of each board. Each board is like a finger print, there are no two boards alike. There is no paints used, what you see as the color is the natural coloring of the exotic wood. We design each and every model we have from start to finish. We take extreme pride in each and every board we make for you. We treat them as if they were ours. Each board goes through multiple steps , forming, pressing,cutting,sanding, and finishing.When you buy a ECC board you are buying a board that you will have for life. Our signature Limited Run Boards are very limited typically to 10 max , but more consistent with 5 to 7. So what you see today, may not be here tomorrow. We are inspired by classic shapes and lines which you can see in every board we make, going back to the 60's and 70's longboard surf boards. All the graphics, we do by hand screening. Simple yet fitting with our style.

With a industry that has become cookie cutter cut-out boards massed produced, we felt the need need to fill a gap, and go back to how it was all starred by creating something with a little more personal touch.

Once in a suit and heading off to the office, now in flip flops and shorts doing what I love. It comes down to doing what you love, so all people can create the same memories I had skating and surfing. I take great pride in what I do and passion....something that I want to be able to pass on to you, enjoy.

East Coast Customs Handcrafted Longboards